Flat Bottom Sleds


How do you build the ultimate flat bottom boat? ​


Build it.​ Run the hell out of it.​ Fish the hell out of it.​
Take it where you thought only drift boats could go and put it in places that make your friends nervous. Do it for over 3 years and maybe then you’ll have an idea of what it takes to make the best Flat Bottom Sled fishermen have ever known. At least that’s how we did it. With over a 150 days on the water before we ever produced a single boat for sale, we learned what we liked, changed what we didn’t and dialed in our hull design to be the most thought out boat we could imagine.

Without a doubt this is probably the most enjoyable boat we have ever built or fished out of. With a tiller handle in one hand and a rod in the other, the operator gets to fish too, as opposed to being stuck on the oars all day. This boat will side drift for steelhead as well or better than most drift boats and at day’s end the you’ll spend more time fishing as well.

Flat bottoms aren’t for everyone…but if you like trolling for tidewater Chinook, sidedrifting for Steelhead or back bouncing for Springers…and especially if you like skinny water…this is your boat. Our Thin Waters Flat Bottom is very fuel efficient and requires less HP than ANY V-bottom.

18’4 x 66 Sled – Click for more info

This is the perfect sled for those who fish skinny water like the Umpqua. With a 6″ wider bottom than most, this boat is super stable on the water, will run in less than 6 inches of water, and has way more usable room than any boat in its class. Our built-in flotation boxes DO NOT use up valuable room and serve as great rigging tables. Fully enclosed rear work station, Odyssey battery, bilge pump, running lights, seat boxes with Tempress seats, and self draining fish box really make for a nice package. With an aluminum trailer and a 90 Hp Evinrude Pump this Sled rocks with value and performance.

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20’4 x 66 Sled – Click for more info

Our 20′ 4″ Flat Bottom Sled is the boat of choice if you like to fish more than 3 guys or bigger water…but not so big that it can’t be a great skinny water boat. The boat pictured is our personal demo boat and is an awesome boat for trolling tidewater and still fishes all the places I use to fish my 18’4″…This boat is loaded and includes rod lockers, twin Odyssey batteries, wet fish box and dry box with washdown pump, 5 Tempress seats (4 Elite Helms) and electronics box.

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