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Our drift boats have been around for over 25 years. We constantly strive to make the best drift boat possible using either 6061 T-6 or 5086 Marine Grade aluminum for our bottoms. Our designs and features are constantly evolving to exceed customer expectations and be the best rowing, best performing drift boats made.

​Check our welds, check our construction, our features and our attention to detail. Then…check our prices…Riverwolf boats are not cheap but we give you more bang for your buck than any other drift boat manufacturer and we aren’t afraid to list our prices to prove it. We pack more features into our boats than any other boat builder. Aluminum floors, clear coated interiors, full exterior paint and even a custom aluminum trailer are STANDARD on all our boats including our entry level Classic Guide.


How To….

Ever wonder how a drift boat gets built? Watch as we put together an 18-6 x 60 Sidedrifter.

16’10 x 54 Guide Model – Click for more info
16’10 x 54 Deluxe Guide – Click for more info
16’10 x 54 Sidedrifter – Click for more info

Our Sidedrifter is our signature boat, designed from the ground up to be used with a motor. With our walk-around seat box, full width all-aluminum center, and front and rear level floors, getting to the motor is easy and SAFE. We added a rear pedestal seat, our Pro-deck fly deck, and inclued a spare tire on our otherwise awesome aluminum trailer. This boat really has it all.

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18’6 x 60 Sidedrifter – Click for more info

We spent a lot of time designing this boat and it was well worth the effort. RiverWolf Boats 18’6″ X 60″ Sidedrifter drift boat is the most innovative boat known to man. It’s extra size and reduced rocker makes this boat ride higher in the water and row better with bigger payloads than ANY 16 to 17′ drift boat out there.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Ask any of the guides on our links page for the real story. This drift boat is loaded with standard features you will have to pay extra for elsewhere.

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20’6 x 66 Alaskan Sidedrifter – Click for more info

RiverWolf Boats’ 20’6″ Alaskan Sidedrifter was designed specifically for big groups fishing big water like the Kenai River in Alaska. This boat is big enough to handle four to five anglers while still allowing everyone plenty of room to work their rods. This is our largest model and will make perfect sense to the right oarsman.

This boat is a big water, big capacity boat and is a great choice for many Alaskan Guides fishing waters like the Kenai.

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