About RiverWolf

wolf3My name is Larry Mercer, owner of Riverwolf boats.  Those of you who know me know that my passions in life are fishing and building boats.  There is no place I would rather be than on the water somewhere trolling for fall chinook, sidedrifting for winter steelhead or pursuing a springer.  I spend way more time on the water than I should sometimes, but that is just one of the requirements and rewards of owning a great boat company.  You can’t possibly build the best if you don’t spend a bunch of time in the oarseat or with a tiller in one hand and a rod in the other.

​For me boat building is an extension of fishing, a desire to build the best boat money can buy and the relentless pursuit to make things work better. As the owner of Riverwolf Boats I take great pride in not only knowing my boats are the best built, most thought out boats known to man, but knowing I have personally tested every feature and option on every boat ever built here at Riverwolf.wolf2

For sure I would always rather be on the water fishing but there are few if any days that I don’t look forward to  fabricating a new sled, custom aluminum trailer or a drift boat.  A monthly paycheck keeps me working.  Building the best boat money can buy keeps me motivated and satisfied customers with big smiles is the best reward of all.